TE-Consult is based on a corporation of very experienced IBM Certified freelancers which are working in team on several small, medium and large projects. 

The people we work with are very keen on following the latest technologies so we can stay on top of the market needs. This as well for IBM products as for the Microsoft Server products with all functionalities involved like DNS, DHCP, Active Directory or environments like AIX, ESX, XenServer, etc ... are also day to day business for us.

All projects are handled with absolute care and our customers are treated with the same importance no matter the size of company or project.

We manage our projects from remote but also go on-site in case the customer' security policies require on-site services. We adapt ourselves always to the most convenient solution in order to fulfil customer needs, regulations and project requirements.


We believe in small, efficient and flexible teams that work Agile. 

In addition are we convinced that focusing on employee satisfaction results in a positive reflection on the quality we deliver to our customers.